Fathom Cruise Line Releases Pricing for Voluntourism Sailings

Fathom Cruise Line Releases Pricing for Voluntourism Sailings

(5:45 p.m. EDT) — Fathom, a new Carnival Corp. cruise line focusing on voluntourism, has released the full pricing structure for its fares, which initially went on sale in June.

Fathom’s offerings, which include sailings in both Cuba and the Dominican Republic on a single ship — P&O’s Adonia — feature four cabin types: insides, outsides, balconies and suites. Prices range from $974 per person for an inside cabin in low season in the DR to $8,250 per person for a suite during peak season in Cuba.

All voyages are seven days, and all volunteer excursions — such as teaching English and building water filtration devices from clay — are included in the fares. Additional excursions, as well as dining and beverage packages, can be purchased for an extra cost. Fathom estimates that taxes and fees for Cuba sailings will run each passenger an additional $500, and a $600 per-person deposit is required at the time of booking. For DR sailings, those costs are $200 and $300, respectively.

Fathom is also offering a Single Traveler Share program, which will match solo cruisers with potential roommates so they can share double-occupancy rooms without having to pay singles supplements.

In addition to the social impact passengers will have during these trips, a portion of the cruise fares they pay will also benefit partner organizations in Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

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