Домой Guides by country Gibraltar Travel Guide and Travel Information

Gibraltar Travel Guide and Travel Information

 Gibraltar Travel Guide and Travel Information

Key Facts:


6.8 sq km (2.6 sq miles).


29,185 (2014).

Population density: 

4,292 per sq km.




Self-governing British Overseas Territory.

Head of state: 

HM Queen Elizabeth II since 1952, represented locally by Governor Alison MacMillan since 2015.

Head of government: 

Chief Minister Fabian Picardo since 2011.


240 volts AC, 50Hz. British-style plugs with three square pins are in use.

Gibraltar is full of surprises: from its lively population of Barbary macaques (monkeys) to its sub-tropical climate, this little British enclave on the Mediterranean is awash with wonders.

The Rock, as Gibraltar is known, is a monolithic peninsula riddled with curious caves and tunnels. Atop its limestone base thrives unique vegetation and many species of migrating birds, which combined with glorious views and stimulating walks make Gibraltar a popular destination for nature enthusiasts.

The town itself is densely concentrated on the western side of the rock; those with an interest in history should visit the Gibraltar Museum for an insight into Gibraltar’s heritage of Moorish, Spanish and British rulers, while foodies will enjoy sampling fresh seafood and colourful Spanish dishes.

Travel Advice

Last updated: 19 October 2015

The travel advice summary below is provided by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the UK. ‘We’ refers to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. For their full travel advice, visit www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice.


Violence and street crime are rare. However, there have been reports of people walking between La Linea (Spain) and Gibraltar at night being attacked and robbed.

Crossing between Spain and Gibraltar

Vehicles (both cars and motorcycles) may experience significant delays when entering and exiting Gibraltar. Delays often occur, due to increased customs and police checks and infrastructure updates on the Spanish side. Take water with you during the hot summer months.

Find out the latest information on the queue by calling +(350) 200 42777, or checking the Gibraltar Frontier website and/or twitter hashtag #GibFrontier.

See the AA guide on driving in Gibraltar.

Import and export of goods

Gibraltar is not part of the EU Common Customs Territory.

The amount of goods (e.g. tobacco and alcohol) that you can take into and out of Gibraltar is more limited than for visits between the UK and other EU countries.

Information on duty free allowances when arriving in Gibraltar can be found on the Gibraltar Customs website.

If you regularly enter or return to Gibraltar (more than once per calendar month), you are not entitled to duty free imports.

You should declare any duty free goods to Spanish customs officers if you are entering Spain from Gibraltar.

If you are returning directly to the UK from Gibraltar, see this information on the Duty Free allowances.

Consular assistance

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory so does not have formal British consular representation. All consular assistance needed by British nationals is delivered by HM Government of Gibraltar Civil Status and Registration Office (telephone: (350) 200 51725). Victims of crime should contact the Royal Gibraltar Police (+350 200 72500).

Birth and Death registration enquiries:

Telephone: + (350) 200 78303

Marriage bookings and information on marriage requirements in Gibraltar:

Telephone: + (350) 200 72289

email: marriages.csro@gibraltar.gov.gi

Visa information:

Telephone: + (350) 200 51726
email: visa.csro@gibraltar.gov.gi

Passport Information:

Telephone: + (350) 200 51725, 51727 or 51728
email: passports.csro@gibraltar.gov.gi

Immigration information:

Telephone: + (350) 200 51725 or 59832
email: immigration.csro@gibraltar.gov.gi