Домой Путешествия Make A Secret Pocket In Your Pants!

Make A Secret Pocket In Your Pants!

Make A Secret Pocket In Your Pants!

My Secret Pocket in Action

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Learn how to make a secret pocket in your pants for hiding your money & a passport. An easy and effective way to protect against pickpockets while you travel.

There’s a small chance you might get robbed or pick-pocketed while traveling in foreign countries. I’ll be the first to say that the odds of this happening are pretty slim.

But I believe you should always be prepared for the worst. Having your wallet stolen when you’re in another country can be bad.

It’s much more difficult to replace things when you’re 4000+ miles away from home. Spending a few bucks to sew together a few secret pockets on the inside of your pants or shorts will save you a lot of inconvenience should it ever happen.

Money belts are uncomfortable & awkward to wear.

Plus most thieves know about them — you’re not fooling anyone. A well-hidden secret pocket on the inside of your clothing is more comfortable, and because it’s permanent, it’s impossible to lose it.

How To Make A Secret Pocket

To create your secret pocket, find a local seamstress or tailor who will sew one into all the pairs of pants & shorts you plan to bring with you. Depending on where in the world you hire this person, it can cost anywhere between $2-$10 per pocket.

If you happen to know how to sew really well, you can always do it yourself.

My pockets are 7″ by 5″ with a velcro strip at the top to keep it closed. This size allows you keep your passport inside if you need to (I only keep my passport on me when I’m actually traveling between towns, otherwise it stays locked up in a safe or locker at the hostel).

Make A Secret Pocket In Your Pants!

Waterproof Your Cash & Documents

Why Should You Have One?

Most days I use the hidden pocket for my drivers license, my passport (or color copy of it), $80 in emergency cash, and my ATM card. If I’m going to be near water, everything is kept together in a small waterproof ziplock bag so I can swim with them if I really needed to. Plus it keeps them free of sweat on hot days.

I usually keep local currency for the day in a separate dummy wallet, along with an expired credit card, business cards, and an old drivers license. This way if someone ever tried to rob me, I can hand over the dummy wallet and walk away without losing everything.

The $80 can be used as emergency money to hire a taxi to the police station, buy food & water, rent a hotel room, etc.

Staying prepared for the unexpected will make your travel experiences much more enjoyable and worry-free. Odds are good you will never be robbed, but if it does happen you’re ready. ★