The New Credit Card Scam That Preys on Hotel Guests

The New Credit Card Scam That Preys on Hotel Guests

Reports of a new credit card scam targeting hotel guests have been making their way around the Internet, and it’s worth getting the lowdown on it so you don’t end up a victim.

Here’s how it works. You’re in your room, maybe lounging in bed or watching TV after a long day of travel, when the phone rings. It’s the manager or a front desk clerk, they know your name and room number, and they just need to clarify a few details (like your credit card number) because “the system crashed.” Maybe they’ll even offer you a free perk like a late checkout for the inconvenience.

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Do not fall for this.

If the front desk is calling to ask for your credit card information, offer to walk down to the front desk and give it to them in person. If it’s a legitimate request, they’ll have no problem with this. If they insist that’s not necessary, insist that it is.

Because it’s probably a total scam.

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