Домой Путешествия Keeping Fit While you Travel: 6 Sites you Need to Know About!

Keeping Fit While you Travel: 6 Sites you Need to Know About!

Keeping Fit While you Travel: 6 Sites you Need to Know About!

Keeping fit while you travel has never been an easy feat, but these 6 sites might just change your approach to a fitness routine whilst abroad.

The craziness of the digital world never ceases to amaze me and I dare say there’s an ounce of truth in saying “there’s nothing you can’t do online” nowadays. But rather than fight it, I’m all for it! As someone who travels more often than they are at home, I’m always looking out for new sites, apps, and tools to make life on the road a whole lot easier.

But one thing I have struggled with over the past couple of years is staying fit whilst on the road… but over time I have found some fantastic sites that make this easier than ever… and oh so much fun! Here are my fave ways to keep fit when you travel (without hitting up those tiny hotel gyms)!

Keeping Fit While you Travel: 6 Sites you Need to Know About!

1. Ballet Beautiful

This is without a doubt my favourite way to keep fit on the road. Ballet beautiful was created by Ballerina Mary Hellen Bowers to help you keep fit indoors. The site has two main options: streaming (pay per video access) or to become a member (access to all videos for duration of membership). Videos are usually around 10 minutes in length and range from cardio through to strength techniques… but best of all, its a lot of fun!

2. Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Training Guide

If you own an Instagram account, chances are that by now you would have heard of Kayla Itsines – aka the Queen of fitspo on social media. For a once off fee of $69.97, you can download the digital Ebook of Kayla’s bikini body plan. I have the plan and have given it a try, but being a visual person who needs a little encouragement (okay, a lot), I have personally had a higher success rate with Ballet Beautiful and some of the further options below.

3. Youtube for Free Fitness

The pages and products mentioned in this post are great, but sometimes there’s just nothing that beats a freebie! Head on over to Youtube and search just about anything from “Yoga for beginners” to “How to plank for longer” and you’ll be on your way to fitness in no time! The best idea to stay motivated is to subscribe to your favourite channels and aim to keep up with their courses 1-3 days per week.

4. Couch to 5k

One of the easiest and most obvious ways to get fit is to run – it’s free and relatively straight forward – that is, until you start! Starting to run (well) is one of the hardest challenges if you haven’t always been a runner (like me), so a great program to get you going is “Couch to 5k”. Best of all, it’s an app!

5. 12wbt

12WBT stands for “12 Week Body Transformation”, a program designed by Australian The Biggest Loser coach Michelle Bridges, and is one of the most tried and tested programs on the internet. While this program has more of a focus on transforming your body rather than maintaining fitness, it is a great option for those looking to take a serious turn towards being fab & fit!

6. My Spring Day

If you’re after a membership plan that will almost certainly keep you on track, “My Spring Day” offer exercise programs for all levels, as well as eating plans and a wellbeing monitor – the prefect all-rounder.


Over to you! How do you like to keep fit on the road!? Any sites we haven’t heard of yet?