Multi-million pound makeover for Southampton’s QEII Terminal

Multi-million pound makeover for Southampton's QEII Terminal

(3:45 p.m. GMT) — A £5 million revamp of Southampton’s Queen Elizabeth II Cruise Terminal is due to get underway this winter.

ABP Port of Southampton and Carnival UK have joined up to fund the project that will be carried out over two stages in 2015/16.

The first phase is due to be completed in spring 2016 and will include improvements to the existing check in, baggage and passenger X-ray areas, installing a new 46-person lift and reorganising the passenger drop-off area.

The installation of a new ship-to-shore walkway to replace the existing one is part of the second phase to be finalised in winter 2016.

Nick Ridehalgh, ABP director in Southampton, said: “The number of cruise passengers coming through Southampton’s port continues to rise, with 1.75million expected to pass through this year.

“It’s therefore vital that we ensure our facilities are in the very best shape to accommodate these passengers and that they are laid out in a way that gives people a seamless and stress-free start to their holidays.”

This multi-million pound upgrade is the latest in a series of investments made by ABP to improve Southampton’s cruise facilities which have included improvements to the City, Ocean and Mayflower cruise terminals over the last two years.

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