Princess Cruises to Feature in New Six-Part ITV Documentary

Princess Cruises to Feature in New Six-Part ITV Documentary

(11:15 a.m GMT) — Princess Cruises will feature in a new six-part ITV documentary to be broadcast in March.

“The Cruise” will offer a fly-on-the-wall look at life onboard the 3,560-passenger Regal Princess as it navigates through northern Europe and Russia. Made by UK production company, Wild Pictures, the series will offer an insight into the day-to-day roles of the 1,400-strong crew including the captain, hotel manager and head chef, as well as passengers from across the globe.

The news was announced by Tony Roberts, Princess Cruises’ Vice President UK and Europe, at an event to celebrate Princess Cruises’ 50th anniversary last night. He said “We are delighted to take centre stage for this major new documentary. It was fantastic to have every aspect of life on a modern cruise ship captured on film, from behind the scenes with the crew, on stage with the dancers to up on top deck with the ship’s guests. We’re so proud of our ship and crew and can’t wait for television viewers to see why.”

Paul Hamann, Executive Producer at Wild Pictures, who also attended the event, added: “It was a fascinating experience for our team to be on Regal Princess. A cruise ship of this size is like a small floating town, which enabled us to capture an incredibly rich variety of stories and characters from both crew and guests to give a unique insight into life at sea on one of the world’s biggest cruise ships.”

The documentary airs less than a year after Royal Princess featured in the four-part ITV series, “The Cruise Ship”.

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