Домой Cruise news Suspected Bogus Doctor Worked on Cruise Ships for Five Years

Suspected Bogus Doctor Worked on Cruise Ships for Five Years

(UPDATED 4:05 p.m. EST) — A fake doctor treated passengers on cruise ships for five years, according to allegations. The 40-year-old man was arrested in Berlin last Friday (December 4) as he was about to join a ship operated by the Aida cruise line.

A spokesman for Aida, which is part of the Carnival group and caters to the German-speaking market, said that after becoming suspicious the line immediately suspended him and contacted the police.

Various media reports state that the man, who is a trained nurse but has no qualifications as a medical physician, had worked for the company since 2014 and for other lines prior to that.

He was arrested after landing on a flight from Miami, on his way to join another Aida vessel, and faces charges of forgery and falsifying documents. A spokesman for the prosecutor’s office in Berlin said he had treated «several hundred» passengers and crew members whilst posing as a doctor.

Hansjorg Kunze, Vice President PR & Communication for Aida Cruises, told Cruise Critic that Aida had contacted the man’s former employers and been satisfied with the references received as a result, adding that they were also shown what appeared to be a licence to practice medicine.

«Obviously we are not the only ones who have been deceived,» he said. «In the interest of our guests we are evaluating all the information available to us and giving our full support to the investigative authorities.»

The names of the ships that the man worked on in the past have not been revealed.