How Group Travel is Paving the Way for 2016 Travel Trends

How Group Travel is Paving the Way for 2016 Travel Trends

In perhaps a somewhat underrated way, group travel is at the forefront in trip planning. The United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA) recently released data from its annual travel trend and forecast report.

Nine out of every 10 members are predicting growth next year, and over 50 percent are predicting that 2016 will be a “boom year,” meaning projected growth is over 10 percent.

Baby boomers account for more than half of tour operators’ customers, with ages 35 to 50 contributing to a quarter of customers. Millennials have yet to have a significant impact on group tours; however, more than half of the group’s members saw an increase in the number of solo customers.

The most popular categories for group travel are art and culture, then honeymoon and romance, followed by family travel.

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Terrorism was cited as the biggest threat to traveler confidence for the upcoming year despite expected growth. This was followed by global financial instability and political instability as other traveler concerns.

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