Celebrity AquaClass to Receive Less Bottled Water

Celebrity AquaClass to Receive Less Bottled Water

(10:20 a.m. EST) — Passengers sailing in Celebrity Cruises’ AquaClass cabins will no longer receive free daily bottled water, starting immediately.

In a statement, the line said that passengers in AquaClass, along with those in Sky and Celebrity suites, will receive two free 9 oz. bottles of water upon embarkation. Previously, people traveling in Aqua, designed as a “spa class” of sorts, had daily bottled water.

The change has sparked an extensive thread on the Cruise Critic forums. “No water….Why again are they calling this AquaClass?” asked Gracie115. “We have 2 upcoming cruises on Celebrity in AquaClass and the bottled water, while not important to some, is important to us….When I booked both of these cruises, over a year ago, bottled water was one of my benefits. Now it’s not. It doesn’t feel good to have something taken away that you enjoy.”

“What’s the big deal?” countered QuakerBoy. “Almost everyone in AQ has a beverage package perk. Just pick up a bottle at any bar on the way back to the room.”

While QuakerBoy might have a point, beverage packages aren’t available on transatlantic or transpacific sailings.

For more on Celebrity Cruises’ cabin types, read Aqua vs. Concierge class.

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