Домой Путешествия A death-defying ride across razor-thin roofs

A death-defying ride across razor-thin roofs

Already famous for tackling Scotland’s Cuillin Range on two wheels – extreme cyclist Danny MacAskill wowed the internet this week with an adrenaline-filled, daredevil dance across the white-washed roofs of sub-tropical Gran Canaria. Streamed more than seven million times since its debut, the video gives a whole new meaning to jaw-dropping views.


The Canary Islands were once believed to be the lost land of Atlantis. Today, Gran Canaria – the third-largest island in the Canarian archipelago – is better known for its 236km of rugged coastline, 82 pristine beaches and sun-soaked warmth.

You never know what amazing thing is coming next.

It’s easy to see why MacAskill chose Gran Canaria for the stunt. Every trick pops against the island’s beauty. In his opening balancing act, for example, bright blue skies contrast against a variety of vibrantly painted rooftops, eventually giving way at 0:45 to reveal a panoramic view of Gran Canaria. MacAskill’s backflip stunt at 1:07 is nothing short of perfection, but pales in comparison to Gran Canaria’s pristine azure waters. And the backwards tracking shot of MacAskill’s ride through a clock tower, accompanied by the tolling of church bells at 2:41, showcases the cathedral’s unique combination of Gothic, Renaissance and Neoclassical architecture.

In a way, MacAskill’s death-defying ride – topped off by a front-flip off the scaffolding into the ocean at 4:26 – is an appropriate metaphor for the spirit of the island. You never know what amazing thing is coming next.