We Need This: A Lightweight Carry-On That Folds Flat (and It’s Hardshell)

We Need This: A Lightweight Carry-On That Folds Flat (and It's Hardshell)

Luggage that collapses by 70 percent when not in use, is lightweight, and hard-sided? Sign us up! This suitcase by Neit, available for funding on Kickstarter, looks really neat.

There are two suitcases in the works: a checked bag, that is 29x18x12″ and weighs 10lbs; and a carry-on that’s 21x15x8″ and 6.5 lbs. Both collapse to be just 3″ tall when not in use, so you can store them anywhere—including in your close, thanks to the cool carabiner-style handle.

See the Neit in action:

You can also track your suitcase should it go missing, since both bags can be GPS enabled.

The bad news: the first bags aren’t expected to be ready until December of 2016. The good news: If you pledge about $212 now, you’ll be one of the first to get the carry-on.

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