Norwegian’s Chinese Cruise Ship to be Named Norwegian Joy

Norwegian's Chinese Cruise Ship to be Named Norwegian Joy

(10:45 a.m. EST) — Norwegian Cruise Line has come up with a name for its first cruise ship purpose-built for the Chinese market: Norwegian Joy.

The 3,900-passenger cruise ship, set to launch in summer 2017, translates as Xi Yue Hao in Chinese. Norwegian Cruise Line also will have a different name in China — Nuò Wéi Zhēn, which means "Promising, Exclusive and Authentic," the company said in a press release.

The Breakaway Plus Class ship is a sister to Norwegian Escape, albeit tailored for the Chinese market. The ship originally was named Norwegian Bliss, but the company said it would change the moniker after it determined the ship would go to China.

The translation of the word "Bliss" into Chinese does not have positive connotations, hence the name change.

Additional details, including the ship’s homeport, accommodations, dining and entertainment, have yet to be released.

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