Домой Cruise news Carnival Cruise Line Raises Bottled Water Prices

Carnival Cruise Line Raises Bottled Water Prices

Carnival Cruise Line Raises Bottled Water Prices

(4:07 p.m. EST) — Eight months after banning passengers from bringing bottled beverages onboard, Carnival Cruise Line has increased the price of its bottled water by more than 30 percent.

According to the Carnival website, the price for a 12-pack of water is now $3.99, up from $2.99 previously, which amounts to about 33 cents per 17-ounce bottle. Under the old pricing, pre-ordered 12-packs were $2.99, but the price went up to $4.99 when purchased onboard. The website says pricing is now the same —$3.99 — regardless of when the water is purchased.

The cruise line stopped allowing cruisers to bring their own bottled beverages onboard in July of 2015 in an effort to cut down on alcohol smuggling. Bottles of wine and drinks in cans and cartons are still permitted as carry-ons. The limit is one 12-pack per person for nonalcoholic beverages and one bottle of wine per person for passengers 21 years of age or older.

Some members on Cruise Critic’s message boards are upset by the price increase: «It’s not about just $1, it’s about all the $1s. It adds up,» says DebbieMo.

«All this is too much for me,» adds Billfrompa. «If I have to pay a nickel more for anything else, I’m done with cruising.»

Meanwhile, many others don’t see what all the fuss is about. «$4 for 12 waters is still pretty cheap in my book,» says kona_wahine. «I hope they don’t keep raising the price though.»

«You people are planning a vacation — a luxury denied to many. Is the $1 increase in water that big of a deal?» wonders jmak315. «If you try to find a negative in any situation, you will. How about looking at it like this: It’s still roughly 90 percent cheaper than the other cruise lines.»

This is the second beverage-related change announced by Carnival in the last week. The line has also said its Cheers! all-inclusive drink package will now include more expensive drinks for the same price.