Домой Cruise news Princess Cruises’ «The Cruise» TV Show Receives Mixed Reviews From Cruise Critic...

Princess Cruises’ «The Cruise» TV Show Receives Mixed Reviews From Cruise Critic Members

Princess Cruises' "The Cruise" TV Show Receives Mixed Reviews From Cruise Critic Members

(12:15 p.m. GMT) — ITV’s new show «The Cruise» — set onboard Princess Cruises’ Regal Princess — aired for the first time last week to mixed reviews from Cruise Critic members.

The six-part show, which airs on ITV on Thursdays at 8.30 p.m. (GMT), focuses on the life of passengers and crew as they sail through Russia and Northern Europe onboard the 3,560-passenger Regal Princess.

It the second time in two years Princess has filmed onboard one of their ships — in 2014 another ITV documentary «The Cruise Ship» looked at life onboard sister ship, Royal Princess.

On the Cruise Critic Message Boards many members compared it favourably to the 2014 show:

The Wilkies wrote: «What did you think? Certainly better than the documentary on the Royal.»

While PP76 said: «I agree that last one would have put you off Princess! Fortunately tonight’s show was ok.»

Meanwhile on Facebook, several members felt that the show focused too heavily on the number of days guests had spent cruising, as opposed to daily life on the ship.

Stuart Egan wrote: «I was expecting more on the day-to-day running of the ship, majority of the time was focused on who spent longer at sea ‘whose bothered’.»

Elizabeth Hoch said: «Love the concept of the show, each cruise is unique to everyone was a shame they concentrated on those who had X amount of nights already, hope it doesn’t give the wrong impression to first time cruisers.»

Many also had mixed reactions to the characters onboard, in particular the tongue-in-cheek antics of Tim on reception.

Shogun wrote: «Tim is in the wrong job, the kids club is a few decks up, being the life and soul of the party is one thing but if I have issues I want a cool calculating professional dealing with it not the class clown.»

Presto 2 wrote: «…we actually loved that bloke on reception in glasses!! Better than a miserable face (and we’ve seen many!)»

Other Facebook posters were less than impressed. Sam Clarke wrote: «The show is a joke and will ruin the industry for younger people thinking of cruising!! It puts me off and I like cruising!!»

And Donna Wheeler wrote: «Rubbish!! And very embarrassing.»

Others were more positive:

Sandra Hughes wrote: «I enjoyed it. Great light entertainment.»

And Presto stated: «Thought the programme was great and made Princess look great and the Regal Princess looked a lovely ship.»

The second part of the six-part documentary continues this Thursday, March 7 at 8:30 p.m. (GMT) on ITV.