Домой Путешествия 10 Epic Tributes to Love That’ll Inspire You

10 Epic Tributes to Love That’ll Inspire You

How far would you go for love? What can you do to fulfill it? Many consider love to be the greatest gift that the Divine One gave to humanity. The Merriam – Webster dictionary simply defines love as a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person. While it is true, as most of us already experienced, it varies through time and usually meant depending on how such person showcases it. Some people even made tributes to express their deepest gratitude for being in love. The following list features 10 epic people who made astonishing creations to display their affections to their loved ones. The touching stories will prove that love is a strong force that makes man capable of doing incredible things for many years and even – alone. Check out these epic tributes to love:

10. 10,000 Love Notes and Letters

10 Epic Tributes to Love That'll Inspire You
Ryan Gosling’s portrayal of Noah from the film “The Notebook” is beloved by many due to one romantic act; write a love letter every day to win Allie’s affection. IF you think this one of the most epic tribute to love, then listen to this. While most of us think that it only happens in movies, a 74- year old man from New Jersey proved us wrong and even outdone Noah’s. Bill Bresnan, a devoted husband wrote more than 10,000 love letters to Kristen, his wife for almost 40 years.

The letters were written every day since they first started dating. Not a day goes by without writing to her, even when they are apart. Everywhere he goes, wherever cities he has been working, he never fails to do so. Every day – 365 days in a year, he writes to his wife with letters and notes signed with “I love you, my Darling” followed by two kisses and the infinity sign.

The daily expressions of deep love that started as scribbled notes in restaurant napkins soon become a collection. The letters have been filed chronologically and placed in almost 25 boxes kept in the attic of their house. It becomes a love diary, allowing them to pick up any particular day and reminisce what they’ve done throughout that day. They hope to inspire young lovers today with their love story that truly rivals “The Notebook.”

9. Lala and Louise Land

10 Epic Tributes to Love That'll Inspire You
The Mutemath, a Grammy-nominated band from New Orleans releases a single entitled “Monument” with its music video going viral today featuring a man happily dancing through the various rooms of his house. What makes it jaw-dropping; the music video itself is a touching tribute to Charles Evans, the man dancing in the video himself who turned his Mississippi home into a shrine to showcase his undying devotion to his wife who passed away in 2011.

Lala hangs over 1,000 photographs and displaying videos showing their poignant and happy moments back in time. From filling every wall and space in the house with some kind of memento dedicated to her late wife, he also managed to create an umbrella garden. He finished the stunning museum and called it Lala and Louise Land which is pretty much among the most epic tributes to love. The museum drew attention from neighborhoods including Jordan Mattison, a music producer in Nashville, who introduced Lala to the Mutemath band. They were deeply moved and decided to share his love story through their music and the rest is history. Charles Evans can’t turn back the time but certainly found a way to reminisce his one true love. ‘I love you’ were the last words he heard from his Louise – to which he describes as “just that beautiful.”

8. Shibazakura Flower Garden

10 Epic Tributes to Love That'll Inspire You
Since 6th centuries B.C., it is been known that King Nebuchadnezzar II performed one of history’s grandest displays of affection by building the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Held as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, it was created to cheer up the king’s wife, Amytis of Media, for missing the lush nature of her home land. Same reason drives Toshiyuki Kuroki, 86, to work on a massive floral display to bring back the smile on his wife’s face, Yasuko, 79, who became blind years ago.

Kuroki spent two years cultivating his garden which today is often counted among the epic tributes to love. He planted seeds around, converting the once dairy farm into a sea of bright pink flowers. After two decades, up to 7,000 people visit the garden every year from late March to April to enjoy the pretty sight. His idea definitely succeeded, as he sees his wife smiling and interacting with people again.

7. A Scaled – Down Replica of Taj Mahal

10 Epic Tributes to Love That'll Inspire You
The world is so fascinated and amazed by the creation of Taj Mahal. An ivory – white marble mausoleum on the south bank of Yamuna River in Agra, India. Commissioned by Mughal temperor, Shah Jahan in 1632 in memory of his favourite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. More than three and a half centuries later, an 81-year old retired post master from a small village in Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradest recreated the history by building a scaled-down replica of Taj Mahal to express his passionate love for his deceased wife, Tajamulli Begum.

Shortly after his wife’s death, Faizul buried Tajamulli on their agricultural land and began the construction around her grave. The replica has doom and four ‘minors’ around the central building, which is more that 27 ft. in height. He worked on his project relying only on photographs of the Taj Mahal. He devoted all his finances and it now costs him Rs 14 lakh to date. After three years of continuous construction he is now facing financial challenges. A number of people have offered him financial help which he declined. He is even approached by Utter Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yudum and offered him same assistance which he also plans to decline. He choose to plan and do the work on his own and rather requested to get his village school be recognized by the education boards.

Qadri is determined to spend the rest of his life for the completion of the mausoleum. Inside, he already reserved a little space right next to his wife’s grave and wishes to be buried there after his death. By this way, they shall be together even in afterlife, even the monument might not stand forever. The mausoleum is among the epic tributes to love.

6. A Ladder Made of 6,000 Carved Steps

10 Epic Tributes to Love That'll Inspire You
In 2006, a weird love story has come out and touched the world being included in Chinese Top Ten Classical Love Stories collected by the Chinese Women Weekly. It is a story of undying love of a couple who had lived in peace for 50 years. The protagonist of this very special love story, Xu Chaoquing, 87, have passed away in Southwest China’s ChongQuing Municipality on October 20, 2012 following his husband, Liu Guojiang, 70, who died five years earlier. The center of their story is a ladder made of over 6,000 steps trail through the mountain, cut and carved single-handedly by Liu for over 50 years to ensure his wife’s convenience.

The existence of the 6,000-carved steps ladder was brought to light in 2001, when a group of expeditionary has stumbled upon them during a trip. And since then the step are counted among the epic tributes to love. Liu on his final hours holds Xu’s hands so tight that no one was able to release his grip after his death.  The local government has decided to preserve the ladder now called by many as the “Love Ladder” and the place they lived as a museum and even adopted it to film.

5. An Entire Mountain Road

10 Epic Tributes to Love That'll Inspire You
Dashrath Manjhi also known as “Mountain Man” is a poor laborer who single-handedly carved a road 360 ft. long, 30 ft. wide and 25 ft. high through a mountain using only a hammer and chisels for 22 years. It has to be among the greatest, most epic tributes to love. He lived in Gehlaur village, a remote area in Gaya, Bihar in Northern India. In 1959, his wife, Phalguni Devi was injured and died due to lack of accessible medical care. Driven by this loss and his desire to protect other villagers from suffering the same fate, Dashrath sets for an extra ordinary task.

From 1960 to 1982, he worked on that road. He plows fields in the morning and would work on his project at night. A naturally hard worker, Dashrath, worked and even developed techniques of burning firewood on the rocks, then sprinkled it with water which makes the boulders be easily reduced to rubbles. Despite of doubtful people around him, he completed the road, reducing 70 kilometers of distance into few kilometers. He went down to New Delhi requesting that his road be connected to the main road.

Unfortunately, he never saw the whole fruition of his hard work. On August 17, 2007, he succumbed to gall bladder cancer, aged 73. Bihar’s Chief Minister gave him a state funeral. The road that he worked out of love for his wife had made many considered him as a crazy, tad-man for many years but now he is being recognized as a legend, sadly, only after his death. His life was portrayed in a movie entitled “Manjhi” starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

4. A Guitar – shaped Forest

10 Epic Tributes to Love That'll Inspire You
Stretching for two-thirds (2/3) of a mile across the agricultural flat areas of Argentinean’s pampas, is a multi-colored guitar made entirely of trees. This impressive land art consists of 7,000 trees is the handiwork of a farmer named Pedro Martin Ureta, to memorialize his wife – Graciela Yraizoz, who tragically died in 1977. Devastated by the lost of his love, a few years later he began working on a design to be displayed on his field that’s only visible from high overhead. He settled with a musical instrument that’s well-loved by his wife – a guitar. After all, it was all her idea. We are pretty sure Yraizoz never thought it’d become one of the most epic tributes to love.

Ureta began to plant and cultivate trees which he did tirelessly for 35 years. The design is a perfect guitar shape, with a hole in the middle. He used mostly cypress trees to form the outlines and blue eucalyptus trees to from the strings on the neck of the guitar. Despite it being visible from airplane rides and even NASA’s terra satellite, Pedro who is now 70, is afraid of flying, thus, had only seen the guitar he created in photos. Nevertheless, he is certain that the guitar-shaped forest he created brings joy to his beloved wife, who’s seeing it from up above.

3. A Heart-shaped Meadow

10 Epic Tributes to Love That'll Inspire You
A farm near Wicker, South Gloucestershire, England hides a beautiful scenery in plain sights and nearby roads. Until in 2012, hot-air balloonist Andy Collett, 42, from Wotton-Under-Edge, accidentally discovered the secret symbol as he flew over the field. Taking an aerial photograph, he reveals a giant heart – shaped meadow formed with thousands of oak trees carefully planted in a 6 acres field by a devoted farmer and husband, Winston Howes, as a lasting tribute to Janet, her late wife of 33 years in what became one of the most epic tributes to love.

He planted 6,000 oak trees meticulously around a 6-acre field, leaving a perfectly heart – shaped clearing in the middle. The heart which measures about an acre was bordered by a bushy hedge and pointing towards Wonton Hill, his wife’s childhood hometown. The entrance to the secret heart is only accessible from a track leading up to his tip. The thought he made that was a great idea at first, turned out to be an arboreal delight 17 years later. Even more, this romantic testimonial is visible not only by airplane rides but also by satellite, making it truly one of a kind. Winston flies above to see it and added tall hedge of daffodils surrounding the hearts perimeter, creating a warm yellow glow outlining the heart shape emphasizing it more.

The farmer’s impressive memorial and symbol of love remained as family secret until its accidental discovery. Anyone who can see it from above will surely delighted the same way as Mr. Collett did and imagining the love story there.

2. The Coral Castle

10 Epic Tributes to Love That'll Inspire You
Along the stretch of S. Dixie Highway in Homestead, Florida, located a landmark made entirely of gigantic quarried stones, now widely known as the Coral Castle. It ranks number two in our list of her late wife of 33 years. A feast of coral imagery, the whole castle is consists of 1,100 tons of coral rocks that lies behind massive 8 Feet high coral rock walls on a 10 – acre tract. As enigmatic as it may seem, it is surrounded with mystery. Its creator, a Latvian man named Edward Leedskelnin, has single-handedly built it for 28 years. The coral walls fit together with great accuracy even they were constructed without cement. Built under the cover of night and in secrecy, these structures have astounded engineers, scientists and even government officials for years. The castle, originally called the Rock Gate was built, as an answer to his lifelong quest of creating a monument to his lost love, Agnes Scuffs.

Despite being 100 pounds and standing just over 5 feet tall, he managed to finish his castle in 1951 working alone. His castle’s walls were built with blocks weighing 15 tons each. He also has a 22- ton obelisk, 22-ton moon block, a 23-ton Jupiter block, a 9-ton gate and even a huge 30-ton block. He opens his Coral Castle to public and it immediately gathers attentions from media men, scientists and even government officials. When asked how he managed to move the blocks alone, he just simply declared having been uncovered the secrets of the pyramids and found out how the Egyptians and ancient builders in Peru, Yucatan and Asia raised and set in place blocks of stone weighing many tons. He never revealed his secret and was buried with him in 1951. Today, the Coral castle is often compared with the feats of Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids of Giza and regarded as one of the modern-time massive megalithic structure.

1. The Mystery Castle

10 Epic Tributes to Love That'll Inspire You
In 1945, Mary Lou Gulley received unexpected news from a lawyer in Arizona that her father had just passed away. She was surprised, as she has heard only few things about him since he leave from their home in Seattle, Washington several years ago. What’s even more shocking is an inheritance of large estate about 8,000 square foot structure surrounded by almost 8 acres of land located in the foothills of South Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona – now famously known as the Mystery Castle. The 3-storey castle boasts 18 rooms, 13 fire places, several patios, quarters, a bar, a chapel and a wishing well.  All of these structural marvels were single-handedly built by Luther Boyce Gulley for 15 sacrificial years, leaving his daughter behind and spent the rest of his life fulfilling his promise.

Mary Lou and his mother moved in immediately. They struggle at first, having the castle with no electricity and water supply. They’ve decided to open it for tours and were featured first in Life magazine’s January 26, 1948 issue. Aside from the massive work of art, the castle itself is full of surprises. There was an instance when a tone was removed from one of the walls, they found out bills, gold nuggets and dimes hidden.  A one particular room named purgatory that Boyce stipulated to his wills that they can access if they stayed in the castle for 3 years. Since they’ve decided to stay, they opened the trap door guarded by a ferocious crocodile statue and found out a photograph of Boyce, two- 500 dollar bills, letters, gold nuggets and a valentine card she had sent him when she was 7. Mary Lou recalled the times when she and his father built sand castles in Seattle beach and cry every time the waves washes it away. Her father built the castle for her.

Boyce died in 1945 and never see her princess moved in to her castle. Until her death in November 03, 2010, Mary lour shared her castle by providing guided tours. The Mystery castle is still open for tours today and continues to captivate people’s heart – a castle that was built during sad but wondrous times of soul searching and loneliness – and share sentiments with Boyce who lived by the vision of precious moments he and his little girl, Mary Lou, built sand castles on the beach.

10 Epic Tributes to Love That Are Meant to Inspire You

  • The Mystery Castle
  • The Coral Castle
  • A Heart-shaped Meadow
  • A Guitar – shaped Forest
  • An Entire Mountain Road
  • A Ladder made of 6,000 Carved Steps
  • A Scaled – down Replica of Taj Mahal
  • Shibazakura Flower Garden
  • Lala and Louise Land
  • 10,000 Love Notes and Letters