Домой Cruise news Hurtigruten to Add Two New Explorer Cruise Ships to Fleet

Hurtigruten to Add Two New Explorer Cruise Ships to Fleet

Hurtigruten to Add Two New Explorer Cruise Ships to Fleet

(6:00 p.m. BST) — Hurtigruten has announced it is to add two new explorer ships to its fleet, with the first scheduled for delivery in summer 2018 and the second in summer 2019. Both ships will contain approximately 300 cabins with the capacity to carry approximately 600 passengers onboard.

In a move to meet demand for the growing adventure travel market, the signing will open up more sailing options to passengers looking to explore the polar regions and Norwegian coastline. The signing also marks the Norway-based cruise line’s largest investment in its 123-year history.

Hurtigruten’s CEO Daniel Skjeldam said: «This is a milestone for us and an expression of our confidence in the growth of the global market for adventure tourism.

«People no longer want to spend their holiday time being passive spectators. The new adventure traveller is looking for authentic experiences, which is why sedentary, standardised travel packages are becoming less popular and active adventure travel is booming.»

The two new state-of-the-art vessels will be customised and tailored to their adventure-seeking passengers, complemented by activities including whale and sea eagle safaris, climbing, kayaking and rib-tours.

Continuing Hurtigruten’s long-standing commitment to the environment the new ships will carry advanced environmentally-friendly technology to reduce emissions.

UK Managing Director of Hurtigruten Magnus Zetterberg adds: «It has been more than 10 years since Hurtigruten last placed an order for the construction of a new ship, so the prospect of being able to expand this with the arrival of new vessels is very exciting.»