Домой Cruise news Australian Couple Embark on 125th Princess Cruise

Australian Couple Embark on 125th Princess Cruise

Australian Couple Embark on 125th Princess Cruise

(6:30 p.m. AEST) — With more than 4,036 days at sea between them, Yvonne and Russell Parry are among the top cruisers in Australia. After doing a half-world cruise in 2009, they became hooked on seeing the world by ship and have since taken a half- or full-world cruise every year. 

In fact, they love cruising so much they completed a 35-night cruise to Tahiti on Sea Princess and returned to Sydney to do a back-to-back on the same ship with the 104-night world cruise. 

Cruise Critic caught up with Yvonne for a chat while Sea Princess was docked in Fremantle today.

How many cruises have you and Russell taken?

Over 145 cruises and counting.

How many Princess cruises have you done?

This is our 125th cruise with Princess Cruises and our eighth world- or part-world cruise.

Did you do shorter cruises to ‘test the waters’ before you tried a world-cruise?

Yes, we started cruising in the 90s after our kids had grown up. We used to fly overseas and cruise there but in early 2000, when Princess came to Australia, we started to stick with them. They went to China, Japan, Alaska and to and from Australia — all the places we wanted to go.

Do you prefer to cruise from Australia now?

Yes, we would much prefer to avoid planes, plus there is no jetlag when you cruise. When you get into the ports, you can put your whole energy into it.

Is there any difference between a world cruise and standard longer cruise?

When you get on a world cruise, there is excitement in the air. You can definitely feel it! Everybody onboard is going to see the world, there is a real vibe.

What tips do you have for world cruise first-timers?

When you travel overseas you need to relax and appreciate the customs of other countries. Some places are going to be very different to Australia. When you understand where people are coming from, it helps a lot.

What are some favourite destinations on your travels so far?

Last year we went to Charleston in America’s Deep South, which was different to anywhere we had been before. We also loved the Shetland Islands with their stone architecture, green coastline and the cold weather, it was very atmospheric.

Any destination on your wish list that you haven’t been to yet?

Salerno, on the other side of Naples. We’re really looking forward to going there. Italy is always wonderful.

How do you manage to do so many world cruises?

We don’t spend a lot on things. This is what makes us happy. We do what it takes to make it happen. If you want to do it too, save money wherever you can. It might take a while to get there but it’s worth it!