Short Term Rentals: 6 Things to know Before you Book

Short Term Rentals: 6 Things to know Before you Book

Supposing your job entails lots of traveling you might need to lease a short-term rental in a new city, state, or country. With the rise of online rental booking companies, securing a rental space is much easier and cheaper as compared to booking a hotel room.

However, securing a short-term rental isn’t as easy as it sounds, hence the purpose for drafting this piece to guide you on some of the things to know.

1. Conduct a comprehensive online research

Start by embarking on online research of the location you wish to put up. Search phrases like “corporate housing” or “short-term housing” during your search. This way, you’ll find local companies and organizations that specialize in providing short-term accommodation services.

Short Term Rentals: 6 Things to know Before you Book

2. Secure a reputable agent

An established agency will more often than not help you secure a place that fits your budget and needs within no time. Like in most service provision industries, referrals by friends and acquaintances are vital. Familiar persons with prior experience in dealing with an agency will often offer valuable information on the professionalism and reliability of an agency.

Short Term Rentals: 6 Things to know Before you Book

Look out for brokers with consistent listing and positive reviews from the former and current clients. It’s advisable to consult a neighborhood agent who will be in a position to offer accurate information regarding amenities, pricing, security, and commute times.

3. Consider commute times

Moving to a new city is potentially hectic, especially when commuting to your new workplace. Consider your commute times to and from your place of work. Mull over traffic dynamics during off-peak and rush hour, distance and ease of transportation.

Short Term Rentals: 6 Things to know Before you Book

Enquire from your agency on different routes to use and map them to make your life easier as you settle in your new surroundings.

4. Be pragmatic

Depending on the time, you might have the privilege to participate in house hunting actively. In such cases, you resort to entrusting your agent to secure the most suitable house as you’re your preferences.

Short Term Rentals: 6 Things to know Before you Book

Every once in a while, your agent might disappoint you, hence the need to set reasonable expectations as to what your agent will find. In such cases, you must keep a cool head and request for an alternative even if it means adjusting your budget.

5. Enquire on details touching on the property owner

Before signing on the dotted line embark on pressing for further information touching on the number of units in the estate, social amenities, and security. Supposing you happened to find out the estate owner ranks along the less established, you may search for online on them on Review My Landlord. In the case a more established organization manages the building, you may still search for the online reviews about them.

Short Term Rentals: 6 Things to know Before you Book

6. Consider the rental price

The price of a rental often says a lot of its class. Low-cost rentals will help you save a few bucks; however, you must lower expectations on social amenities, security, and aesthetics. A reasonably high-cost rental will most likely offer reliable security, excellent, and customer service.

However, remain vigilant on highly priced accommodation that doesn’t offer value for money.

Bottom line

Taking the time to understand the dynamics mentioned above of your new environment, will save you lots of trouble. Consider this agency to help you secure a short-term rental within the shortest time possible.

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