Домой Путешествия A Weekend in Brattleboro, Vermont

A Weekend in Brattleboro, Vermont

A Weekend in Brattleboro, Vermont

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Brattleboro is a small town but a vibrant one, with some friendly faces. «Great day for photography!» a woman passing by commented on my camera. As a New Jersey native, casual friendliness like this always catches me off-guard, but I smiled and agreed with her, continuing my walk down Main Street.

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After passing art galleries, thrift stores, the downtown waterfall, and the local bead story «Beadnik,» it became clear that I had stumbled on the place where 1960s counter-culture had come to retire. Downtown Brattleboro is a fortress of originality—the kind of place guarded by the sorts of people who would throw up their arms in protest should a Starbucks or Walmart attempt to move in. In addition to Beadnik, there are five independent bookstores, three microbreweries, and dozens of cafes and restaurants that emphasize local ingredients.

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The beer is extremely local. All three microbreweries are in walking distance of downtown, so I headed for 10 Best Beer Cities in the World

After exploring the town, it was time to travel up the road to Dummerston, where I had booked an Airbnb for my cozy mountain retreat. The listing advertised the company of two lovable Australian Shepherds and a constant smell of French pastries, as the host ran a bakery attached to the house, and when I arrived I was not disappointed. I’m still not sure which was more welcoming, the air that smelled like cookies or the dogs that rushed to greet me with wildly wagging tails.

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Driving even further down the road away from Brattleboro, I set out for the These Are the World’s Best Restaurants

In the morning, I was pleased to see the clouds breaking and the sun shining through the trees. After a breakfast of fresh strawberries and still-warm croissants baked by my host, it was time to check out and set off on a short hike up Black Mountain. The trail can be accessed from different points along Black Mountain Road, which allows you to start off closer or farther away from the summit. The level of difficulty is up to you, but no matter which you choose you’ll wind up at the same spot overlooking a beautiful landscape of forest-covered hills and valleys just the foliage.

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