Домой Cruise news Princess Cruises to Launch ‘Style at Sea with TLC’ Program, Expand Enrichment

Princess Cruises to Launch ‘Style at Sea with TLC’ Program, Expand Enrichment

Princess Cruises to Launch 'Style at Sea with TLC' Program, Expand Enrichment

(9:45 a.m EDT) — Princess Cruises has teamed with the TLC network to take the pain out of packing for a cruise. In an effort to broaden the demographic of its Discovery at Sea program, which offers a series of adventurous onboard activities and excursions, the line will launch Style at Sea with TLC, a combination of fashion advice and packing tips from renowned stylist Stacy London.

The former «What Not to Wear» co-host will star in videos aimed at educating passengers in a number of scenarios, such as how to pack light, accessorize a bathing suit, apply makeup and dress up for formal night. The videos, along with tips sheets, will be available on Princess’ website and onboard on cabin TVs beginning early 2016.

Additionally, the line’s Runway at Sea fashion show, where passengers can try on clothes and accessories sold onboard and model them down a red carpet, will be revamped.

«The Style at Sea program is designed to make all women feel confident throughout their cruise,» London said in a press release. «Whether they’re relaxing on a beach in the Caribbean, whale watching in Alaska, quickly changing from day to night or getting ready for a romantic celebration, I want all women to know how to express their personal style with confidence anywhere and everywhere, land or sea.»

Discovery at Sea also will expand its enrichment. Lectures by the Science Channel’s astrophysicist Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi will soon be available in cabins fleetwide to complement the line’s onboard stargazing tours.

Other highlights of the program include Shark Week-themed sailings and exclusive Discovery and Animal Planet shore excursions. A «Meet the Sloths» sanctuary tour in Costa Rica starting at $119.95, for example, allows passengers to meet and learn about the much-loved sloths from the Animal Planet TV show.

In addition to Discovery at Sea, Princess Cruises offers North to Alaska, an immersion program that brings local culture onboard by featuring dishes from Alaskan restaurants, hosting Midnight Sun parties and more.

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