Домой Cruise news ‘Tangled the Musical’ Debuts on Disney Magic

‘Tangled the Musical’ Debuts on Disney Magic

'Tangled the Musical' Debuts on Disney Magic

(7:20 p.m EST) — The world premiere of Disney Magic’s «Tangled the Musical» took place onboard the ship in Miami today, attended by members of the media, special guests, and the families of past and active military in honor of Veteran’s Day.

The show features the work of a Tony, Grammy and Emmy award-winning creative team, as well as three original songs written by Alan Menken, famed composer of Disney films including «The Little Mermaid» and «Beauty and the Best.»

With a running time of one hour, the stage production condenses the popular Disney animated movie by about 40 minutes, but doesn’t leave out any of its charm.

For fans of the film, which is a spunky adaptation of the story of Rapunzel, chameleon sidekick Pascal is notably missing, but his absence is overshadowed by the stunning puppetry of Maximus, a spirited horse and main character in both the film and stage production.

Puppeteer Michael Curry worked on the show, with credits including Cirque Du Soleil, theater from Broadway to the Metropolitan Opera, and the Olympics.

A panel following the premiere was held with members of the show’s creative team, including costume designer Paloma Young, scene designer Bradley Kaye and Dana Harrel, a portfolio creative entertainment executive. Harrel mentioned that the team was attracted to adapting «Tangled» because «it’s an empowerment story for girls.»

Young offered her thought process for some of the costumes, saying she was inspired by Rapunzel’s creativity and energy, calling the character «her Pinterest princess.»

«She paints, she bakes, she braids hair [while confined to the tower] — a Pinterest board was a contemporary way of framing her,» said Young, who used handcrafts she imagined the princess being interested in, such as screen-printing and ombre, to create Rapunzel’s dress.

Top projection designer Aaron Rhyne was brought in to help recreate sets from the film, including some of the play’s most memorable scenes. On a cruise ship that is making the most of its space for passengers, backstage room is extremely limited, paving the way for digital projects working in harmony with physical set design. Kaye considers it «designing in a box, but making it look like there’s no box whatsoever.»

Outside of the theater, Magic passengers will notice little «Tangled» touches around the ship on the day of the show. The most dramatic change is the transition from O’Gills Pub to the Snuggly Duckling, a tavern full of colorful characters central to the story.

The first run of «Tangled the Musical» available to passengers will take place on Saturday, November 14, and will only be available onboard Disney Magic. Shows are included in the cruise fare.

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