Домой Cruise news Hot on the Forums: Celebrating Christmas on a Cruise

Hot on the Forums: Celebrating Christmas on a Cruise

Hot on the Forums: Celebrating Christmas on a Cruise

From bringing Christmas trees onboard to reassuring concerned children that Santa will still be able to find them, you can rely on Cruise Critic members to come up with all kinds of ways of transporting the festive spirit to sea.

With the season of goodwill well underway, I was suitably cheered to find a new thread on the forums started by lovesteak who asks: «We are cruising for the holidays and would love to know what you bring extra for your cabin or for the crew for the holidays. We also have young kids so Santa has to make it on the ship for Xmas as well. Any ideas or recommendations from past experiences?»

In the time it takes to pull a cracker, members were quick to respond and the results make a fun (and impressive) read.

All credit to cruisenfreak who manages to pack a 2ft tree, complete with lights, decorations and more, into her luggage.

She adds: «Also we bring window clings for mirrors and doors, red bows and garland, red dresser scarf, etc. For the hall door I bring decorations, usually a flat door tree with extra Christmas decor plus candy canes for people to take away. Our gift to each other is the trip so we have no reason to bring anything other than Christmas cards for each other.»

Quilting_Cruiser, who also brings a tree, decorations and bakes gingerbread and cookies for crew members, came up with a clever way to deal with the Santa at sea question.

«When my daughters were younger and one of them still believed in Santa, I told her that Santa could get anything onto the ship, but that Mama had to get it home,» she says. «So her Christmas list for Santa those years were all small things that would fit in the luggage to be brought home. I brought the plate and cup we always used for milk and cookies and a sign for the balcony door that said ‘Santa, stop here!’ my daughter felt that was a necessity so he could tell our cabin from all the others!

«On Christmas Eve we ordered milk and cookies from room service and the person who delivered it asked my daughter who it was for with a huge grin on his face. He said he’d been delivering milk and cookies throughout the evening.»

Meanwhile, EcoStyleKim explains to her boys that as Santa cannot guarantee ship delivery (it’s just too much to ask him to make the extra stop), they’ll get a couple of token gifts from mum and dad and the main presents will appear at the house in their absence.

For grown-ups who think he might drop by, hopeful chars writes: «My husband and I have cruised a lot at Christmas. We do not have kids, but we love to bring our Christmas stockings and hang them on the balcony doors. It makes for a great picture when at sea.»

Member jodieh12 is dreaming of a white Christmas on the ocean, achieved with stick-on snowflakes on the balcony window, and she also packs festive jumpers for all the family.

Then there’s casofilia who resorts to a four point list containing practical measures for coping with Christmas afloat.

«Commercial grade ear-plugs! Enormous amounts of tolerance. Hollow legs for all the food. Great hangover cures.»